I'm so glad you're here!  

I've been on this bodywork journey for 18 years and I have uncovered and unravelled many patterns of pain and symptoms both for my clients and myself.  I look forward to serving you on your quest for a pain free, active life that you love.  Pain is a type of body language and my role is to help you uncover your personal message and discover what your body is asking for as well as what your body needs in the art of bodywork to thrive.  


You are already doing many great things to take care of your body!  You're stretching and even rolling on the foam roller!  Way to go! 
If not, stay tuned for tips of the trade addressing aches and pains that never seem to go away.

This is top of the list for key insights that you are probably missing in your self care.  A huge piece that is vital in creating long term change in the fascia. (pronounced fasha)  The muscle is not what's holding you back from running with your dog at the park.  It's fascia.  Fascia is like an orange peel, thick and fibrous and needs way more than a roll on the floor or a 30 second hold.

Key ingredient...TIME.  The time component is crucial in gaining any traction on your road to wellness. 2 to 5 minutes minimum!  Find your favorite stretch and MELT LIKE CHEESE.  No bouncing or pushing into end range.  Lean into your edge of the stretch and wait....relax...CAMP OUT. Let your body feel safe and the rewards are profound and lasting.

Thanks for joining me and my team at Quantum Healing Arts!  Next month I'll be sharing the next insight into the world of a pain free, active life that you love.