Quantum Healing Arts uses a whole body approach that caters to YOUR unique symptoms.  

Our team of therapists specialize in manual therapy techniques including the John Barnes method of Myofascial Release and Cranial Sacral Therapy.

Sessions are complimented by structural and postural re-education through home stretches and Internal Mapping.  More than just temporary relief, we trace your symptoms back to the underlying cause, revealing significant long term relief, guiding you back to health and wellness.

Our one-on-one therapy sessions are hands-on treatments during which our therapists use a multitude of Myofascial Release techniques and movement therapy. We promote independence through education in proper body mechanics and movement, self treatment instruction for enhancement of strength, improved flexibility, and postural, and movement awareness.

Symptoms are approached as a “whole body” not just a body part. We understand that you are more than a collection of symptoms and diagnoses. We will work with you to address your individual and specific needs and goals in order to help you return to your highest level of function.

Explore pathways between your mind and body
while gaining insight into old holding patterns.


Discover an increase in energy as we gently stretch and loosen the straightjacket of fascia that interconnects the body from head to feet.


Holding patterns soften and melt away creating the environment for authentic healing.


Gentle, sustained manual therapy elongates the elastin fibers and collagen that make up the web like fascial system of the body.