Add a whole new level of expertise


Quantum MENTORING Program

 Gain experience and insights from our JFB myofascial Therapists

  • Work side by side with our Expert Level Therapist at Quantum Healing Arts

  • Receive MFR Therapy session

  • Learn self treatment skills that you can use for self care and offer to your clients for use

  • Question and answer time

  • You to treat the therapists for specific feedback

To apply for our program or ask any questions, call 314-614-4615.


A day in the life of a Myofascial Therapist!

Be a part of our authentic Myofascial Release Clinic, specializing in the John F. Barnes Method of Myofascial Release.  Our Expert Level therapist will guide you throughout the day utilizing  evaluation skills, hands on MFR therapy techniques, and follow up take home programs for the client .  Learn how to integrate and expand your skills as a Myofascial Release therapist in your current practice and bring your therapy skills to a whole new level. 

Program Length:

The program can range from one day to several weeks, depending on what you want.  It can be tailored to fit exactly what you are looking for.  You can also add on additional sessions/time depending on what your goals are. 

Quantum Mentoring Value:  $180 per day

Your day of mentoring at Quantum Healing Arts will include:

  • 30 minute treatment

  • You treating therapist 30 minutes for feedback

  • Working up to 5 hours with therapists on clients

  • 30 minute Q/A period

If you do two or more consecutive days we will combine your treatment sessions for a full 1 hour session to truly experience a Myofascial Release session and feel what your future clients will experience!

To advance your practice to a whole new level and gain experience with a true JFB Myofascial Release clinic, schedule your Quantum mentoring experience…

Call us at 314-614-4615